• Classification of air cooler

    Apr 22, 2020Canphina
    Air coolers are divided into refrigeration industrial air coolers and household air coolers. Industrial air coolers are generally used in cold storage and cold chain logistics refrigeration environments. Household air coolers are also called water-cooled air conditioners. All-in-one evaporative cooling unit.

    In addition to the cooler that can bring fresh air and reduce the temperature in corporate workshops, public places, and commercial entertainment occasions, there is also an important feature-energy saving and environmental protection! It is a brand-new environment-friendly product without compressor, refrigerant and copper tube. The core of the main components ----- evaporative wet curtain (multi-layer corrugated fiber laminate) and 1.1KW main motor / is the traditional central The air conditioner consumes 1/8 of the electricity, which can save more electricity for all industries.
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