• Cooling fan operation method / step

    Apr 22, 2020Canphina
    1. Use pure water as much as possible when installing water for cold water installation. Pure water has high purity and less bacteria, which can reduce the growth of bacteria in the condensation process. The water in the sink should be added frequently to keep it at a safe water level, and it should be stopped and replaced regularly.

    2. After the air conditioner has been running for a long time, it will be affected by dust and dirt, which will affect the air volume and cooling effect of the filter screen and air curtain. Therefore, it is best to clean once every two weeks.

    3. When using air conditioning fans, the intervals should not be too close, and air circulation and humidity balance should be adhered to. If necessary, we can think about the use of some dehumidifiers or dehumidification equipment.

    4. In addition, when purchasing air-conditioning fans, pay special attention to the safety issues. When purchasing an air-conditioning fan that requires cold water, you should check the sink repeatedly to ensure that there is no risk of leakage of the fan. Air conditioner fans that have just been purchased or have been out of service for a long time must be filled with clean water before use. The cooler can check the water level through the water mark to control the amount of water added. Also, remember to unplug the power plug before adding water.

    Five: degree of placement. The air-conditioning fan should be placed to the extent that it should not be tilted during use. Check whether the power supply of the socket is different from the parameters on the fan nameplate before use.

    Six: often add water. New machines or air-conditioning fans after long-term shutdown must be filled with clean water before use. The water level can be checked through the water mark to control the amount of water added. The power plug should be unplugged before water is added to avoid damage to electrical components and the water level to be irrigated Just go up to the "highest" position, do not overfill it; after filling the water, open the door, and pay attention to the status of the water mark when cooling, when the water level falls to the "lowest" position, it should be Add water, otherwise the cooling effect will be lost.

    Seven: Frozen ice crystals. Ordinary air-conditioning fans are equipped with two ice crystals. Every night, one of them is refrigerated in the refrigerator of the home for a period of time. The next day it is taken out and put into the water tank for better results.

    Eight: properly humidify. If you want to use the cooling and humidifying air supply function, you must first fill the water tank with clean water. After starting the work for about 1-3 minutes, the temperature of the outlet air will be reduced from the ambient temperature and achieve the best effect. Add low-temperature cold water or ice water when conditions permit, the cooling effect is better. If you participate in the right amount of spices in the water, it will blow out a fragrant and refreshing breeze. In the hot summer, people will feel relaxed and happy. Lightly press Refrigeration and Humidification, the indicator light is on, and the humidification function is started. If the air compressor cancels the humidification function, then press this key again, the indicator light is off, and the humidification function is suspended.

    Nine: Swing to send air. Ordinary air-conditioning fans have the function of oscillating left and right air supply. When you need to oscillate air supply, you only need to press the "wind direction" selection key once, so that the "swing air" indicator lights, that is, the air supply is automatically left and right, the air supply angle is 120 degrees If there is no need to swing the air supply, press the wind direction selection key again to make the "directional wind" indicator light, then stop the swinging directional air supply. At the same time, the position of the upper and lower air supply can also be adjusted. For example, the direction of the long air guide can be adjusted by hand, so that the air supply direction can be all downward or upward, and adjusted to the most ideal position according to your needs.
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